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Josh Madine on PBS in Buffalo!!

Mini-Angels: Josh Madine on PBS in Buffalo!!
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Josh Madine on PBS in Buffalo!!

You are not going to believe this! I can't believe this! Josh Madine was on the PBS station in Buffalo, NY tonight! In person!

WNED was the first to air Libera's new Christmas DVD as part of their pledge drive. And Josh Madine was flown in to Buffalo to talk to the hosts during the breaks. People in the Buffalo area and parts of Canada got to see it.

John from Canada, who was at the Armagh concert also, watched the PBS show. He said, "Josh was his usual confident, charming, articulate and handsome self and no doubt significantly boosted pledges. Among other things, we learned that his favourite carol is 'Carol of the Bells' and that his favourite tour destination is the Philippines 'where the people are so lovely'." (Shout-out to the Philippines once again!)

Oh my gosh! You lucky people who got to see that! Wonder if Josh or anyone else will travel to another city for another PBS pledge drive? Stay tuned! :D


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Monday, December 29, 2014
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